Frequently Asked Questions

ZipWall® System

ZipWall is a unique system of spring loaded poles and accessories for constructing a sturdy, temporary wall.

Item No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.)
Poles and Kits
ZWSLP-1-12 ZipWall 12 - 2 Pack 12' Poles 6 59 x 4 x 3
ZWSLP-3-12 ZipWall 12 - 6 Pack 12' Poles 16 59 x 6 x 4
ZWSLP-4PK ZipWall 12 - 4 Pack Plus 12 62 x 7 x 4
ZW-1-20 ZipWall 20 - 2 Pack 20' Poles 8 63 x 4 x 3
ZW-3-20 ZipWall 20 - 6 Pack 20' Poles 24 63 x 12 x 4
ZP-1-10 ZipPole 2 Pack 10' Poles 5 51 x 3 x 2
ZP-3-10 ZipWall 10 - 2 Pack 10' Poles 13 51 x 6 x 5
ZP-4PK ZipWall 10 - 4 Pack Plus 10 51 x 6 x 4
ZW-FPK Facility Pack 21 59 x 8 x 6
Accessories and Parts
ZW-SSP ZipWall SidePack Wall Mount Kit 9 40 x 8 x 8
ZW-CTR Caution Tape Reel Pack 4 11 x 7 x 6
ZW-BAG ZipWall 12/20 Carry Bag* 2 N/A
ZP-BAG ZipWall 10 Carry Bag** 1 N/A
ZW-DISK ZipWall GripDisk - 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-TP1 Top Plates – 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-HS1 Head Plate (No Top Plate) – 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-EPH ZipWall Edge Head & Non-Skid Plate - 1 per pkg 2 N/A
ZW-FR2 ZipWall 4' FoamRail Tapeless Seal and T-Clip - 2 per pkg. 3 63 x 4 x 2
ZW-SLD ZipWall FoamRail Slide Extending Adaptor - 1 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-TCLIP1 ZipWall T-Clip (Works with FoamRail) - 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-SC2 ZipWall SideClamp Wall Mount - 2 per pkg 2 11 x 8 x 4
ZW-FA Floor Adaptors for ZipWall 12 Pole - 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-FA20 Floor Adaptors for ZipWall 20 Pole - 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZP-FA Floor Adaptors for ZipWall 10 Pole - 2 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-FP12 Foot Plug for ZipWall 12 Pole - 1 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-FP20 Foot Plug for ZipWall 20 Pole - 1 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-FP10 Foot for ZipWall 10 Pole - 1 per pkg 1 N/A
ZW-H2 ZipHook –2 per pkg 2 N/A
Zippers and Zipper Doors
ZZ-700 Standard Zipper – 2-7' self-adhesive zippers and Flap Hooks 1 N/A
ZZ-HD Heavy-Duty Zipper – 2-7' self-adhesive zippers, Flap Hooks and Zipper Knife™ Sheeting Cutter 1 N/A
ZZ-HD-12 Heavy-Duty Zipper (12pk) – 12-7' self-adhesive zippers, Flap Hooks and Zipper Knife™ Sheeting Cutter 4 N/A
ZDS-3-7 ZipDoor Kit Standard for 3'x7' Openings 2 N/A
ZDFR-4-8 ZipDoor Kit Flame Retardant for 4'x8' Openings 2 N/A
ZT-1-60 - Temporarily Unavailable ZipWall Tape 1” x 60’ – 1 Roll 0.35 4.25
ZT-2-60 - Temporarily Unavailable ZipWall Tape 2” x 60’ – 1 Roll 0.65 4.25
*ZipWall 12/20 Carry Bag holds 12 - 12' ZipWall 12 poles or 12 - 20' ZipWall 20 poles.
**ZipWall 10 Carry Bag holds 12 - 10' ZipWall 10 poles.

With the ZipWall System, how far apart can I place the poles?

This is mostly dependent on the thickness of the material used. However, a practical distance would be 12 - 15 feet. This dimension would be less for a thinner more flexible material and might be more for a thicker, stiffer material.

What is the thickest material that can be used?

Up to 8-mil plastic, light canvas tarp or cotton fabric can be used.

What are the working heights of the different sizes of poles?

The 10' poles have a working height of 4'2" to 10'.
The 12' poles have a working height of 4'7" to 12'.
The 20' poles have a working height of 5'2" to 20'.

What are the poles in the ZipWall System made of?

The 12’ and 20’ poles are lightweight aluminum and the spring loaded plungers are steel. The 10’ ZipPoles are steel with steel spring loaded plungers.

If I break or lose parts can they be replaced?

All of the parts of the ZipWall are replaceable. We stock a full line of replacement parts and accessories.

What is the ZipWall Tape?

The ZipWall tape is a double sided tape that is made of paper. One side of the tape has adhesive compound that is similar to traditional 14 day painter’s tapes while the other side has a more aggressive adhesive specifically designed for gripping and holding onto poly film.

What sizes does the ZipWall Tape come in?

The ZipWall tape comes in rolls that are 1" x 60’ and 2" x 60’

Why is the ZipWall Tape made of paper and not cloth?

The ZipWall tape was designed with ease of use in mind. Therefore by making it out of paper it is easy to use and it gives the user the ability to just tear off a piece without needing a knife or scissors

What can the ZipWall Tape be used for?

The ZipWall tape can be used to hold plastic over openings, fixtures, built ins, and any application which a poly film needs to be used to cover something.

Can the ZipWall Tape be used on painted surfaces?

Yes it can, but we recommend testing the tape in an inconspicuous spot before use on any surface.

Once the poly film has been attached to the ZipWall Tape how much time is there to take the film off to re-adjust it

There is approximately two hours time to remove and re-adjust any film after which it will be fairly hard to remove it.

How long can the tape stay in place for?

The tape can stay in place on the poly film for as long as you need it, but it is a 14 day release tape, so we do not recommend leaving it on any other surface for longer than that time period.