Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood Protection

Clear, non-slip reusable vinyl protection for hardwood floors. Hardwood Protection requires little or no maintenance, and is virtually puncture-proof. Stays in place without adhesives and can easily be seamed to protect large areas. It is far superior and much more cost-efficient in the long run than rosin paper. Perfect for model homes and tours & the beauty of the hardwood floor can be seen and appreciated, and at the same time is totally protected.

Item No. Description Coverage (sq. ft.) Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.) Roll Diameter (in.)
HP-27-0100 27" x 100' 225 63 32 x 10 x 10 9
(includes 1- ST-03 Seam Tape)
ST-03 3" x 108' Seam Tape 27 2 6 x 6 x 4 5

Is Hardwood Protection reusable?

Hardwood Protection is reusable.

How thick is the Hardwood Protection?

Hardwood Protection is slightly thicker than 1/16".

Can I use Hardwood Protection on stairs?

Hardwood Protection should never be used on stairs. Hardwood Protection stays in place from weight and surface area covered and hardwood stairs do not provide the area needed for the product to work effectively.

Why can't you put Hardwood Protection on carpeting?

Hardwood Protection is not adhesive backed and will not stay in place on carpet, causing a potential hazard.

What is the difference between Hardwood Protection and Dura Runner Plus?

Hardwood Protection is clear vinyl, which allows the beauty of the hardwood to be seen while it is protected. Dura Runner Plus is available in both gray and brown fabric, with non-slip backing. Hardwood Protection is 27" x 100', while Dura Runner Plus is available in two sizes, 32" x 50' and 32" x 100'. Dura Runner Plus is more versatile and may also be used to protect marble, granite, concrete, vinyl, tile, terrazzo, most natural stone floors and other hard surfaces. Both products are reusable.