Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This section is designed for questions that have come up that do not fit into a product category.

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Are any of your products reusable?

Reusable products include Hardwood Protection, Dura Runner Plus, Econo Runner, FlexBoard, Paint Guards, Pro-Vent and many of the ZipWall® products.

What can I use on concrete?

Dura Runner Plus can be safely and effectively used on concrete.

What can I use on a wooden door?

Wooden doors can be wrapped with plastic film or stretch wrap. Be careful that the door isn't subject to moisture accumulation or that moisture isn't trapped between the door and the plastic because serious damage could occur. Tapes and other adhesive products should never be used on wood or wood doors.

What can I use to protect a painted wall?

Grip n Guard is ideal for protecting a painted wall. The self-masking film clings without adhesives.

What can you use to protect stainless steel?

Floor Protection and Trim Protection can be used to protect stainless steel.