Frequently Asked Questions

Scratch Protection

The thick, easy–to–apply water-based coating cures to a durable “Protective Skin.” When the job is finished, the easy–to–remove “Protective Skin” peels right off.

Item No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.)
SP-01 One Gallon* 10 8 x 8 x 8
SP-05 Five Gallons 44 N/A
*Includes 1 FREE roll of 1" Trim Protection

How many tubs will 1 gallon cover? 5 gallons?

One gallon will cover (using the recommended 2 thick coats per tub) approximately two (2) standard 5' tubs. Five gallons will cover approximately ten (10) standard 5' tubs.

When I went to peel off the Scratch Protection it came off in little pieces, what did I do wrong?

Scratch Protection must be applied very liberally with two thick coats being ideal. An additional coat may be applied to aid clean removal. To help with cleanup, warm water will help soften Scratch Protection that was applied too thin. The product removes best at temperatures above 70 degrees.

Do I need additional protection on my tubs when using Scratch Protection?

If you wish to provide additional protection to your tubs (i.e. to protect against falling hammers, ladders, etc.), you can put cardboard or carpet scraps in or on the tub with the Scratch Protection after the coating is dry.

Are there any tubs that you do not recommend using Scratch Protection on?

Scratch Protection is safe to use on most any plumbing fixture surface including Acrylic, fully cured Fiberglass, Enameled Cast Iron and Enameled Steel. Aqua Glass Fiberglass tubs in particular have been problematic and we do not recommend that you use Scratch Protection on them.

Can you use Scratch Protection on sinks?

It is much more practical to use our Floor Protection for protecting sinks and the counter-tops.

How long can you leave Scratch Protection on the tub?

Scratch Protection has no specific time frame but should be removed as soon as practical.

How many coats of Scratch Protection do you need to put on?

Two thick coats of Scratch Protection are recommended for maximum protection.

Does the 1st coat have to dry completely before applying the 2nd?

Allow approximately 15+ minutes to elapse between 1st & 2nd coats of Scratch Protection. (Depending upon the humidity and air temperature). Try to apply the second coat 90 degrees to the first coat.

When Scratch Protection dries, what is the mil thickness?

When properly applied and dry, the coating should be about 15 to 20 mils. thick.

How long does Scratch Protection take to dry?

The drying time of Scratch Protection will vary according to environmental conditions and, being latex (water) based, is most affected by humidity. Normally, Scratch Protection will dry from anywhere between a few hours, (warm, dry climate) to overnight (cool, moist climate).

Does Scratch Protection discolor the tub in anyway?

Scratch Protection does not interact with the tub in any way. It is a coating. Fiberglass Tub/shower units that are not fully cured are not good candidates for Scratch Protection. If in doubt, check with your distributor or manufacturer before using Scratch Protection.

Can you use Scratch Protection on shower walls?

Scratch Protection can be used on shower walls; however, an easier, less-expensive solution would be to use Glass Protection or Floor Protection on shower walls.

Can you use Scratch Protection on acrylic tubs?


If a tub comes with a plastic cover, can you still apply Scratch Protection?

Yes. Scratch Protection affords far more protection than a standard plastic tub cover.

Can I apply Scratch Protection to non-skid strips in the bottom of bathtub?

Removal will be easier if you take a bar of soap and rub it over the strips. Once this is done, you may apply the Scratch Protection to the strips.

I didn't use the soap, how do I get Scratch Protection off of non-skid strips?

You may use Bon Ami cleanser. Do not use any other cleaners (i.e. Comet) because they are too abrasive.

Does Scratch Protection protect tubs from tools, tiles or nails that may drop on it?

Absolutely. The impact is greatly reduced due to the unique qualities of the coating once dry.

Why can't you put Scratch Protection on hardware and fittings in the tubs?

Removal might be difficult from the small openings and crevices and we don’t recommend that you put anything on delicate decorative finishes.