Frequently Asked Questions


Ultra tough waterproof kraft paper with 2–ply construction keeps floors safe and dry.

Item No. Description Coverage (sq. ft.) Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.) Roll Diameter (in.)
UK-32-0200 32" x 200' 533 15 37 x 7 x 7 5.25
BT-4-180 Blue Masking Tape 4" x 180' N/A 2 6 x 6 x 4 4.875

What is UltraKraft?

UltraKraft is a combination of 40# natural Kraft sheet laminated to a woven reinforcement with 1.5 mils of White, UV stabilized LDPE.

What sizes are available?

We carry the UltraKraft in a 32" x 200’ size.

What can the UltraKraft product be used for?

The UltraKraft Paper can be used as protection for many different hard flooring surfaces. It is an economical product that is a tear and water resistant alternative to rosin paper.

How is the UltraKraft Paper applied?

The UltraKraft paper is reverse wound for easy application. Just roll it out and tape it down when creating a runner or for larger areas the seams can be easily taped together. We carry 4" wide rolls of Painters tape and Duct tape to help with application.

Can UltraKraft stand up to liquids other than water?

Yes it can. UltraKraft is resistant many liquids including paint, oil, and grease.