Frequently Asked Questions

Dura Runner Plus

Non-adhesive, reusable protection for hardwood, marble, granite and most natural stone floors. Also can be used to protect concrete, vinyl, tile, terrazzo and other hard surfaces. Tough fabric is combined with a non-slip, non-adhesive backing and is reverse-wound for quick, easy application. Fabric is absorbent & excellent for protecting areas where "drips" are a problem. Available in both gray and brown fabric to complement any décor.

Item No. Description Coverage (sq. ft.) Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.) Roll Diameter (in.)
DR-32-G050 32" x 50' Gray 133 17 33 x 9 x 9 9
DR-32-B050 32" x 50' Brown 133 17 33 x 9 x 9 9
DR-32-G100 32" x 100' Gray 266 32 33 x 12 x 12 11 - 12
DR-32-B100 32" x 100' Brown 266 32 33 x 12 x 12 11 - 12

Is the Dura Runner Plus waterproof?

Dura Runner Plus will not be damaged by water and will absorb it. In addition, the slip resistant backing prevents the water from getting to the surface below.

Can the Dura Runner Plus be used on staircases?

Dura Runner Plus should never be used on stairs. Dura Runner Plus stays in place from weight and surface area covered and stairs do not provide the area needed for the product to work effectively.

Which side is the correct side to place onto the floor?

Dura Runner Plus should always be installed with the fiber side up. Dura Runner Plus is wound so that when you unroll it the fiber side will be up.

Can Dura Runner Plus be used on carpet?

Dura Runner Plus is not adhesive backed and will not stay in place on carpet, causing a potential hazard.

Will the Dura Runner Plus slip or slide?

Dura Runner Plus has a slip resistant backing that helps to keep the product in place.

What is the thickness of the Dura Runner Plus?

Dura Runner Plus is approximately 1/16" thick.

What is the best way to reuse Dura Runner Plus?

To reuse Dura Runner Plus start by making sure that the top or "traffic" side is clean and dry. Then fold the piece in half so that the "traffic" sides face each other and roll from the end opposite the fold. Reinstall by simply unrolling and unfolding. This method insures that the side touching the surface being protected remains clean.