Frequently Asked Questions

Paint Guards™

Snap-on plastic shields that fits most wiring devices keeping them clean during decorating, remodeling and the final phases of new construction. Time-saving and reusable.

Item No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.)
PG-50 Paint Guards 50 per package 1 8 x 8 x 4

What is a PG-50?

A PG-50 is a package of 50 Paint Guards.

What are Paint Guards?

Paint Guards are a unique product for protecting switches and outlets from paint, plaster and drywall compound.

What type of light switches and wall sockets will Paint Guards work on?

The Paint Guards are a universal fit for standard as well as decora style electrical outlets and switches, and will also fit commercial light switches.

How do they work?

They just snap right on to the device that you want to cover.

How are the Paint Guards sold?

The Paint Guards are sold in packages of 50.