Frequently Asked Questions

Glass Protection

A low-tack, adhesive-backed film that protects glass surfaces and saves money by reducing cleanup and labor costs. Available in two grades to meet your application needs and color-coded for easy identification. Clear polyethylene for short-term protection up to 60 days and heavy-duty blue PVC for long term. Takes a fraction of the time to apply (compared to conventional masking methods) and eliminates scratching and etching caused by mortar, stucco and over spray. A Multi-Dispenser is available that frees both hands to allow quick, easy application.

Item No. Description Coverage (sq. ft.) Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.) Roll Diameter (in.)
GP-12-0500 12" x 500' - Clear 500 6 13 x 6 x 6 5.625
GP-24-0500 24" x 500' - Clear 1000 12 25 x 6 x 6 5.625
GP-12-B500 12" x 500' See Thru Blue 500 12 7 x 7 x 12 6
GP-24-B500 24" x 500' See Thru Blue 1000 25 7 x 7 x 25 6
MD-12 12" Multi-Dispenser N/A 4 14 x 8 x 7 N/A
MD-24 24" Multi-Dispenser N/A 6 23 x 8 x 7 N/A

What is the shelf life of Glass Protection?

To obtain best performance, use Glass Protection within six months from the date of receipt. This time period may be shortened if the product is improperly stored or handled. The product should be stored in a cool, dry environment and should not be subjected to excessive heat and/or moisture.

What's the difference between the clear and blue Glass Protection?

The clear polyethylene is for short term protection, up to 60 days; & the heavy-duty blue PVC is for long term protection, 180+ days.

What is the mil thickness of Glass Protection?

Clear Glass Protection is 2 mils. and Blue Glass Protection is 3 mils.

Can you put Glass Protection over the frame of windows?

Yes. You can cover the entire window, including any vinyl or aluminum clad framework. Do not apply Glass Protection to finished or unfinished wood.

Can you power wash or spray paint over the Glass Protection without damaging windows?

Yes. Glass Protection will protect the glass portion of windows from etching and scratching from mortar, over spray and acid washing.

Can you use Glass Protection on counter tops?

Glass Protection can be used on counter-tops. Floor Protection is a little more durable and would be the preferred product. You may also want to consider the ProTecta Top for the most durable counter top protection.

Will Glass Protection protect against muriatic acid?

Yes. Glass Protection is ideal for protecting against etching and scratching from acid washing and mortar.

How can I remove Glass Protection that was left on too long?

First, you must remove the film. You may need to heat it up (a blow dryer can be used) and then scrape off the film with a razor blade. Once the film is removed, use mineral spirits or isopropyl alcohol or a citrus based cleaner to remove the adhesive.

Can I use Glass Protection on painted walls? Why or why not?

All of our products are designed and manufactured for specific surfaces and should only be used on the surfaces for which they are intended.