Frequently Asked Questions

Econo Runner

Econo Runner is ideal for dry and cured hardwood, stone, and tile floors or just about any surface. The non-porous top surface protects against penetration by paints and liquids while the nonwoven layer provides padded protection. The slip-resistant coating holds Econo Runner in place. Econo Runner is also ideal for protecting counters, table tops and more. Reverse wound for easy application.

Save time, save money and reduce cleanup cost with Econo Runner.

Item No. Description Coverage (sq. ft.) Wt. (lbs.) Box Dimensions (in.) Roll Diameter (in.)
ER-32-0100 32" x 100' 266 12 34 x 8 x 8 7.625
ST-03 3" x 108' Seam Tape 27 2 6 x 6 x 4 5

What is Econo Runner?

Econo Runner is a product that is specifically designed to protect hard flooring surfaces. The topside is made of polyethylene film while the white underside is made of a nonwoven fiber material with a slip resistant coating.

What size does the Econo Runner come in?

We sell the Econo Runner in a 32” x 100’ size and the roll is reverse wound for easy application.

What types of flooring surfaces can the Econo Runner be used on?

Econo Runner can be used on a multitude of hard flooring systems which include tile, vinyl, hardwood and marble.

Is the Econo Runner liquid resistant?

Yes. The Econo Runner’s polyethylene film top side is resistant to water, paint and many other non-caustic liquids.

Is Econo Runner breathable?

No. Econo Runner is not a breathable material so if you are using this product on a freshly laid floor please consult the installer to see how much time the flooring needs to cure before applying Econo Runner.

Why can’t I use Econo Runner on a freshly laid floor?

All grouts, mortars and adhesives need time to cure and dry. If Econo Runner is applied to these freshly laid surfaces it can prohibit this from happening causing the materials to collect moisture which can possibly damage or discolor the flooring.

Does the Econo Runner have adhesive?

Econo Runner doesn’t have adhesive, but it has a tacky feeling which is a by-product of the coating on the nonwoven fiber backing. This coating allows the Econo Runner to cling to the flooring surface making it look like there is adhesive at work.

Can the Econo Runner be used on carpeting?

No. We don’t recommend the use of Econo Runner on carpeting because there is no adhesive to grab the carpet fiber thus causing a tripping hazard.

What is the best method for protecting large areas with Econo Runner?

We recommend to always be sure the floor is clean and free of dust and debris before installation. When installing roll out the material, press it down to the floor and cut to length. Repeat this action overlapping all of the seams until the entire surface is covered. For more protection we sell a special clear seam tape (ST-03) that can be used to tape the seams together making the material impenetrable to debris and liquids.